Friday, 12 August 2011


Welcome to cooking -Murf style!

Living on my own, it takes a degree of motivation to cook a meal from scratch for myself. The easy option is to pick up a ready meal on my way home from work but this can get boring after a while. Plus, I'm fussy! Being allergic to shellfish rules out a lot of meals, not liking mushrooms, courgettes, cauliflower or aubergine (amongst others) limits the choices even further. So I tend to make quick and easy dishes at home during the week.

This blog is all about food - the food I cook for myself and for friends, using recipes I have found in books, magazines or online. Many have been customised to suit my personal taste. I will be sharing these recipes, but also writing about my favourite ingredients, discussing healthy options, exploring regional cuisines, commenting on the latest food trends, highlighting seasonal products, looking at the politics of food production and more. If something food-related catches my attention then I will post something about it here.

My favourite meals are generally spicy... Indian, Thai, and Chinese recipes are regularly cooked in my kitchen. I love curries and stir-fries, rice and noodles, cardamom and ginger. There is something very creative about Asian cooking, especially when you make the curry pastes and spice blends from scratch. But there isn't always enough time to cook a proper curry, which is where ready-made pastes come in very handy, particularly for after-work meals.

One area I would like to develop is baking. I haven't made bread since domestic science classes in school, although I have baked a few cakes and brownies since then, it isn't a regular thing. Given I have a sweet tooth, it would make a lot of sense to bake at weekends instead of buying cakes and biscuits from the supermarket! And the smell of freshly baked bread is always delicious.

So, this blog will be a record of my cooking experiments, and of all food-related topics that interest me. I will label all recipes with the type of cuisine along with the main ingredients and cooking method which should allow easy searching. Comments will always be welcome, especially if you have tried some of the recipes yourself. I would love to know how you got on.

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